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Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
Not when they are trying to lick the butter off your toast early in the morning.
My cat clawed her way through my screen and got out. Took her to get spayed the other day...she is pregnant.
RedT Reads Randomly 5 years ago
Oh no.
But. Kitties!
Yeah kitties. My neighbor's cat got hit by a car and is excited because our other neighbor said that he was his was the cat smooching on mine. He is going to take one so it kinda worked out for the best.
RedT Reads Randomly 5 years ago
Yeah they do.
Thanks for this.
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
Dogs aren't much different.

Mine doesn't actually sit on me while I'm urinating, but she does jump up and drag my underwear down to my ankles, scratching the whole way down; then while washing hands she sits at my feet and gives my leg a scratch every few seconds, as if to say "Hurry up!"; then while cooking dinner she's sitting at my feet again ready to catch anything that falls, occasionally causing me to trip over her or get herself trodden on while I move around the kitchen; and finally while I sit on the couch BLing she lies beside, pressed as close to my leg as she can get, or if she's feeling naughty she'll sit watching me and use her little paw to try to drag my hand away from the mouse so that I can pat her some more.

She's my girl and she's the best dog in the whole world.
My cat checks out the shower while I'm in the bathroom. (Oddly enough, I've never seen this one napping in a sink.)

We keep her off the kitchen cabinets by always giving her her medications there, so she doesn't get up there of her own accord. (She gets pretty much everywhere else, though!)
My dog constantly tries to climb in the bath tub with me. It is so annoying because she lucks the water off my back and all he fur floats around in the water.
Ha. The last one (browsing the net) is SO true! And the first one was, too, for the longest time -- my cat would also use my lap as a starting point to explore the sink. Running water would totally fascinate her -- you could literally see the little wheels inside her head spinning: "So where does it come from?? And where is it going???" At some point, though, she apparently decided that the pipes underneath the sink must have something to do with it, and from that moment on her reaction to my turning on the tap has been more like supreme boredom ... ("yeah, you know, whatever. Can't you come up with a new trick already? I mean, something *really* interesting??) :)