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And some people who have written pages full of bullshit claim to be authors.
Carpe Librum 7 years ago
This can't be doing her writing career any favors.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
Her people of the Page agree with her! She is, after all, ANNE RICE and could never, ever be wrong about anything even the stuff she knows nothing about and she knows nothing about quite a lot.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Her people of the Page and those who agree with her or are clearly odd are all she doesn't delete from the Page.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
That was from a couple weeks ago, I think she's regrouping because her recent lynching posts haven't been universally acclaimed.
Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago
I know the lawyers she's talking about. Anne Rice is dissing them, because she couldn't keep up with their logical, well-thought out posts.

Anne Rice is like a child trying to make herself feel better when she knows she's not good enough. She's trying hard to convince herself, but she's obviously failed.
nospin 7 years ago
She really can't play well with others and blames them instead of examining her own behavior.

Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
She really doesn't like it when someone gives her the docket number to a public record or links to one. Those get deleted very quickly. Heaven forbid the criminal activities of someone she is blindly endorsing are public--that's all a failed lawyer tactic she doesn't have to stoop to falling for.

First rule of the con and the lie -- make some opening part of your statement true to get people immediately agreeing with you before you get to your manipulation attempt. So, yes, bullies, usually lack intelligence or are so lazy they resort to bullying for whatever purpose.

We all, of course, know for an outright fact which random internet stranger is telling the truth about being a lawyer and whether or not they are a successful or a failed lawyer -- *snort* -- random strangers are just random strangers and might be successful or might be failed. I'm sure not going to take Anne Rice's opinion on who the success/failure or bully/victim is ... poor dear thinks a three paragraph blog post from reputable source is too dense to bother with.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Does you have a new release (or a reissue in a new format) coming up? Sometimes the PR schedule has her ramping stuff up.
7 years ago
Have people considered totally ignoring her on the forums? I don't talk on Amazon forums, but I've read some of what goes on and if she does a post, she gets immediate attention. What if no one posted anything back to her? Just totally blanked her? Sure some of her fan club would post, but would they be sufficient to keep a thread at the top?

Her detractors are giving her a lot of free publicity. Have you noticed she'll always start a thread when a new book is coming out? Instant forum dominance, and all she has to do is leave the fans to duke it out with the detractors.
7 years ago
That's probably healthiest. Getting wound up over these arguments is a time suck and accomplishes zero. As the saying goes, don't feed the trolls.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
For starters, authors are only supposed to be in certain threads over there.

I didn't participate (except once on the Page to just post a couple of links for anyone buying it when she first started supporting that editor-reviewing-books-without-disclosing-was-paid-to-edit's petition and supporting/publicizing the grub group with their hate list and bully tactics — moot point because she promptly deleted). But it's a popcorn worthy thread to observe if only from the posts of others.

For an author with her fandom and book sales, I don't think it matters one way or another if ignored, participated or shared. I'd be leery of doing it for less notorious authors trying to get attention with all the drama marketing, disruptive marketing, facilitated friction ... whatever terminology is currently en vogue for "no such thing as bad publicity."

Certainly not to draw attention to authors on her threads clearly to promote or draw attention to their books ...
7 years ago
Man, I wrote a whole big post and BL ate it. :(
Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago
Debbie's Spurts ~ OB is right. Authors can post anywhere they want. The only thing they can't do is self promote.

Lots of authors post all the time with no problems at all. Anne Rice is always telling authors not to post on Amazon, because they'll be attacked, but that's her fantasy.

I have no problem at all talking about Anne Rice on Amazon. She brings up a lot of nonsense and refuting it with facts is important, I think. And it's interesting pointing out the idiocy of a lot of her puppets of the page. Whether it makes a difference or not I can't say.