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Murder by Death 7 years ago
He does look like an imposter but he's so cute! :)
isanythingopen 7 years ago
He's in disguise.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Does look like a nectar sipping beak though maybe he spotted ants?
He goes for the insects that end up in the well, bit he also tries to reach the sugar water. We get titmice and chickadees doing the same thing.
isanythingopen 7 years ago
That's odd.
None of my other birds ever try for the sugar water.
I'm guessing you have birdbaths out in case they're just looking for water.
Yep, the bird bath is always full, and there's an assortment of dishes scattered around the yard, but he prefers the hummingbird feeder.
isanythingopen 7 years ago
Maybe he's jealous of the hummers.
That is not a hummingbird, but he is cute.