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Hummingbirds don't often sit still long enough for a photo. Bravo. I have been trying to just lure one over so my sin can see itn i have feeders, bushes rhe they are supposed to like, everything. I have had no luck!
Murder by Death 7 years ago
Gorgeous! You even caught the yellow-jacked having a snack. :) The few times I've seen hummingbirds, they're like magic to me - like tinkerbell.
Glad to see you don't use the red dye. Yay!
Great shot!!
Nope. Definitely no red for my hummers. I do the same as you. One cup of water to quarter of a cup of sugar. And there's always a fresh batch in the refrigerator ready to go. Beautiful little creatures. I could watch them all day. It's always a thrill when after a long, hard Massachusetts winter, we get to May and I can put my feeders back up.
Yes! They're one of my faves to watch. We planted Buckeye trees next to the patio and when their in bloom, oh my! The hummers go crazy over them!! Hoping to have lots during migration. I always get fabulous video footage & great snaps. Happy to find another bird lover here. May you never run out of birds to view!