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I always try to put books on my Christmas list but I've been told its so boring to give me the same thing all the time ... no surprise. DUH!! It's the same object ... it's NEVER the same thing!! My daughters get me though and I am forbidden to buy any books in November or December because its their go-to birthday and Christmas gift. Yup -- raised them right. LOL
Luckily I'm from a family of book addicts; no one ever complains that I want books. (What they want to know is which books!)
Murder by Death 7 years ago
I always just buy the books I want, but I've gotten better the last couple of years with holding back on a few each year - non-fiction, or fiction I'd like to try but don't feel compelled to read right away. Those I compile for a Christmas list. Whatever I don't get, I buy in January. :)