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Sarah's Library 6 years ago
Tame DIY enthusiast? LOL!!
She had me at that one, too. :D
Carpe Librum 6 years ago
If I could find a spool like this, I would totally make one!
Kaethe 6 years ago
That would be a fabulous sofa-side table for my library books. Alas, I have neither a giant spool nor a tame DIY enthusiast. Think I could find either on Craigslist?
Sarah's Library 6 years ago
If you take out an ad can you please post a copy of it (along with any replies) here?
Kaethe 6 years ago
Will certainly (not) do.
Scarlet's Web 6 years ago
I'll need to get hubby to bring a couple of spools home from work and give this a go!
And you'll post pictures, yes?
Scarlet's Web 6 years ago
Of course :)
As the page turns.. 6 years ago
Fantastic idea!:D
Hooked on Books 6 years ago
Very cool! : )