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Abandoned by user 6 years ago
That is a lovely book stack! I have Something Wicked This Way Comes in audio, and I may listen to it this year.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Your gym has a book swap shelf? How awesome is that!
Great selection for the bingo. :)
Murder by Death 6 years ago
I've not read the book, but The Shining movie used the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. fwiw.
Hooked on Books 6 years ago
I need to follow your rule for this bingo challenge. I've been buying books almost everyday lately. I have them stacked in bags & boxes that I haven't even shelved yet bc my bookcases are overflowing & I've bought tons of kindle books that I've never gotten around to reading so I'm sure I can find plenty to fill my card too. I already broke the rule though and bought 4 books today. Lol Well I can start tomorrow -or try too. : )
Murder by Death 5 years ago
You and I should never be allowed to shop for books together, lol. Between us it sounds like we don't have a shred of self-discipline. :)
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
You're exactly right-we could do some serious damage because I have none whatsoever. I just bought another book a few minutes ago because I wanted to start the second book in the series 'right now' - Snowblind II : ) At least I'm actually reading this one though lol
I think between the lot of us, the population of this site would be perfectly capable of clearing every last shelf of a mid-sized bookstore in no time at all ...
Murder by Death 5 years ago
Just a mid-sized bookstore? That feels like a challenge, lol! ;-)
... or two. :D
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
: )
Portable Magic 6 years ago
I've set the same rule for myself, to only use books that I own or can borrow. I don't think I will even have to borrow!
5 years ago
I've managed to gather a lot of selections without buying as well. No complete lines yet though. Hopefully I can find fillers for the other squares in the next couple of weeks. I'm trying not to default to King for New England but that might mean going for Lovecraft.
Yeah, I tried not to default to King (or Joe Hill), which is why I've got the non-fiction Stones and Bones of New England as back-up.

I did have a couple of other King books on my physical shelf (and of course these were set in New England), but donated them a little while ago to my gym's book-swap shelf because I was feeling a bit guilty about always taking books but never actually leaving any.
5 years ago
I think I've settled on The House of the Seven Gables for this one. It's one of those Classics on my list.