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I wasn't aware of this yet, so thank you for sharing. She does really, really rock.

And she just became a legend for standing up to them like this. The article is right: they handed her so much good PR on a silver platter. Oh, Republicans!
I am so not proud of mine today. (In re: Betsy Devos vote.)
Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
I'm not proud of mine either. Still, I can't say I'm disappointed in them, because they haven't been giving me any reason to expect better of them. I still call or email every day regardless - if I have to deal with the results of their votes, they'll have to deal with one more piece of evidence that they don't speak for all their constituents.
I had no hope for Tim Scott. I thought Lyndsay Graham might change his mind.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
I was watching some of Rachel Maddow last night when this happened. Rachel had Mrs. Warren on live. I was very proud to have her representing me and I have been for a while now.