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Huzzah! I need to start seriously reading for Readercon, and I keep getting reminded since it seems like everyone is reading this series now!
YouKneeK 11 months ago
You’ll probably be seeing yet another one on your feed by the end of next month. :) Now that I’ve finished Discworld, this is the next longish series I plan to read. I'm going to slip in a trilogy next, and then I want to read this series next.
Nice! Glad to hear it, as I'm adoring this series. I hope you enjoy it, too.
If you have kindle and are in the US, I think the first volume's only about 1.99 right now, too.
YouKneeK 11 months ago
I actually got the first book for free 7 or 8 years ago and have just never gotten around to reading it. When I read Uprooted last year, I became more interested in trying some of her other work and this series made it back onto my radar. All the posts about this series lately have kept it from falling back off the radar. :)