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Moonlight Reader 3 years ago
Just wait. The next book kills.
Ooooh! I had a feeling this wasn't over.
Nope. It's not.
Moonlight Reader 3 years ago
Not even close to over.
*Does happy dance*
Lillelara 3 years ago
I can see myself becoming addicted to this series. I´m almost finished with the second book on audio and I guess there is an overarching storyline involving Yvette Nichol.
I don´t know if I´m going to be happy about this or not. On the one hand I´m curious and intrigued by that storyline, on the other hand I feel deeply unsettled and repelled by Yvette Nichol.
She appears again later, but she's not in every book.
Lillelara 3 years ago
That is good to know :)