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I'm Grooms Darl Cow Dodger. LOL
Shepherd's Smokey Lobster Worrier for me ... (Ouch. Do I REALLY want that?)
Hehe, true, yes. Any of the options with "toad" in them, for example ... (sigh.)
isanythingopen 8 years ago
Farmer's Bitter Lobster Fancier
If it's any consolation, one friend of mine is Wagoner's Golden Cock Slurper, and another is Cobbler's Vintage Cock Choker!
nospin 8 years ago
Fletcher 's Special Ferret Lifter
nospin 8 years ago
Oh my! LOL
Derrolyn Anderson 8 years ago
Mason's Nutty Badger Plucker

I'd prefer the Lobster Tickler, or even better, the Cock Tickler!
You would sell well in South Carolina!
Make mine a "Fisher's Smooth Ferret Teaser."
CindyG 8 years ago
Weaver's Dark Donkey Teaser. Not so sure how I feel about that.
Litchick's Hit List 8 years ago
Clogger's Dark Rat Worrier. O_o
Please tell me I'm not the only one looking at these beers and thinking hmm so x is probably a Belgian wheat beer, and y is a Guinness style stout, and z could be a pale ale.