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I'm rather partial to wheat beers (a weekend in Belgium is my idea of heaven) and fruity beers, and there are a couple of US breweries that do some excellent versions of these. The Allagash brewery in Maine, and the Long Trail brewery in Vermont produce some delicious ones. Allagash White is very drinkable.
nospin 6 years ago
Some interesting breweries coming to our local festival
There are some great breweries on that list! I always know when winter is finally over when Sam Adams Summer beer appears on the beer menu in my local bar. (Usually in April)

I will be looking out for Boulevard brews now. We have a couple of excellent bars which always have a wide range of guest beers.

A friend bought me a selection of Sam Adams beers for Christmas and it included a cherry and chocolate beer. It's an interesting flavour. Couldn't drink it in great quantities, but a bottle here and there is rather palatable.
Ah, you temptress. We'd love to adopt a kitteh, but our life is rather fluid at the moment which is why we haven't done anything about it yet. Someday....
nospin 6 years ago
Had Sam Adams Cold Snap at a Folk pub sing and really enjoyed it.
Apols for dragging up this old post, but I wanted to let Book Cupidity know that my local craft beer shop has just brought in a load of Boulevard beers. Will definitely be sampling some at the weekend.
I love the Lake District! I'm nuts about Yorkshire, too. I went to a Dickensian Christmas market and was blown away by how beautiful Yorkshire really is. The Lake District just stuns me, I love it! I love how you've seen so much theatre! I couldn't afford to go anywhere when I lived in the UK, so I missed seeing where my idol Shakespeare was born and made famous. I'm determined to go back one day and tromp around everywhere. Such history!
Sock Poppet at Play 6 years ago
I'm glad you're sharing the bird photos. They are awesome!