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Will you be reading Her Own Devices immediately after, as well?
Good question, and one I've thought long and hard about. As much as I would like to, I think that would be cheating, because I could then go on to read books 3 and 4. Please tell me it doesn't end on a monumental cliffhanger.
I don't know as I haven't read it. I was just curious.

Also, when you pick out the first book, will you read the second? What happens if you pick out four next? I'm just curious about how people work with these systems.

By the way, maybe next time/next bundle, you could put the title of the series four times - or however many books - so when you pick out the first, you just read the first book?

And I wish I'd thought of that for you earlier.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
As I was reading your comments, the same idea struck me too - just put the series name into the bowl; one for each book in the series, then you could read in order w/o feeling like your gaming the rules.
Yep, that's what I should have done. So I'm pretending I've done that.