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Ultramarine 9 years ago
I'm not into war books. I could watch a movie, an hour and a half of my life watching something like that is something I could do. But reading a book, no. My country is at some sort of "war" all the time. Now, we are actually at a real war (woken today at 6 a.m. to an alarm and then a loud boom as our missiles took down the missile headed here..) I can ask about a third of the male population around me how does it feel to fight, to be a soldier and it's sad to hear their stories, I used to listen to them when I was younger, after my military service. Now I'm just sad that people lose their lives for stupid reasons, for going to "war", for hating for all the wrong reasons. I don't know. I want peace. In the most basic way. But I am also not naive, if I want it others might not.