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BrokenTune 9 months ago
I have this and want to read this really soon. I loved Rose's Run and the only reason I can give for not having started this one is that other things got in the way.
How are you liking it so far?
Buried In Print 9 months ago
There are parts that literally make me laugh out loud. Just her way of looking at ordinary things. And the fact that she is such a bookish kid, I love that of ocurse!

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed Rose's Run: that's the next one on my stack. (I started with Glass Beads, her most recent!)
I hadn't heard of this but it sounds wonderful and is now in my ever-growing TBR pile. Thank you.
Buried In Print 9 months ago
I'm so glad her work appeals to you. It's a great mix of humour and reality. And it's so easy to relate to her love of books and the escape they promise.