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The Ninja Reader 4 years ago
Either my connection is pants, or your article just broke the site.
The Book Lantern 4 years ago
It's fine now.
nope, I can't get to it either.
The Book Lantern 4 years ago
Try now.
Moonlight Madness 4 years ago
I've never heard of her (although this is not a surprise).
The Ninja Reader 4 years ago
As someone who has been following her channel (and a lot of other "famous" youtubers) before everyone started coming out with beauty lines and books, I'm not the best person to express an opinion on those things. But you make a good point about authenticity, especially because of the book's subject matter. Having read about all the crap Zoe and other content creators put up with for being online creators, I kinda hoped her book might be an exploration on that. I really want to read it, though now I'm hesitant.
Dor Does Books 4 years ago
I'm going to mentally file this under "things I don't know about but disappoint me nevertheless". You make some good points about authenticity. I dislike celebrity branded goods - Jamie Oliver kitchen stuff, Justin Bieber's perfume - and ghost written books are rather an extension of that.

I just hope it's a decent read.