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He must have read the tampon scene and went, WTF?!! Good for him, smart move. That movie is destined to tank.
The Book Lantern 8 years ago
It's a career killer film. He deserved better, and also didn't deserve the five ton pack of madness that came with that film's baggage. I hear the security on Sons of Anarchy had to be beefed up like crazy to keep away some of the more enthusiastic stalkers.
This movie is going to be watch closer than any book=to-movie adaptation ever. No actor will come out unscathed, but the lead role of Christian is just so personal by so many fans. I personally hated the book, stopped reading after book 1. I love Charlie Hunnam, and believe he could have pulled it off great. But it was such a risky career move, it have been career suicide. I assume the role will go to a complete no-name with a prettier face, as opposed to the more masculine looks of Charlie.
Did he read the book and say "Fuck this"?
The Book Lantern 8 years ago
That or he met the fanbase.
The Book Lantern 8 years ago
ELJ stalked him too? Boy am I glad to be a woman who feels absolutely no need to live my life vicariously through the lives of other people.
That's probably the best news I've heard on this whole thing (and good for him, he deserves far better than that.)
He or his rep didn't read the script when he signed on. They must have got fed a lot of bullshit when it was pitched to them. But I agree he could have done a good job but the material must be awfully bad for him to do anything. And add the cray cray environment - it wasn't worth it but he should have checked out the book and script before signing on. It was obvious this was going to be pretty bad from the get go with the attention and lack of plot.
Yeeeeeeey! I'd love to know what made him drop it XD Did he read a book? Or maybe realized that he signed up for high budget porn, because seriously, take the sex out and there are few pages left. And on those few pages there isn't much of a story...
The Book Lantern 8 years ago
If that's the case, Hunnam needs a new agent. I don't envy the screenwriter for trying to spin shit into gold. It'd be impossible even for the best in the business, and this is such a rush job.
Crying ALL the tears. /sarcasm

Best news of the day,actually.