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Jenny Schwartz 5 years ago
Great post. Sociologically, it's fascinating watching etiquette for new tech use evolve. Do you embed in the broadcast? attach a label? not mention (assuming your audience will assume paid advertising)? I think this confusion is why "authenticity" is popping up as a buzzword. As an audience, who can we trust? As content producers, how do we live our ethics?
The Book Lantern 5 years ago
I've always thought this search for "authenticity" is an odd one. I'm not sure Riccio is "authentic" because the business model doesn't want that. It wants populist stylings. She's putting on a persona for maximum effect and it's working. All the biggest names on YouTube do that, from John Green to PewDiePie to Epic Meal Time. If any of them were like that all the time in real life nobody would talk to them! Interestingly enough, Epic Meal Time do sponsored stuff but are very upfront about it in their videos (plugging Netflix deals and so on).
Jenny Schwartz 5 years ago
I love that - in real life no one would talk to them! You're right. Celebrity persona