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If you ever find that book send me a message. I would love to read a book that has shapeshifting as a large part.

I know books where a character is a shapeshifter but its not explored that much.

I just find it could be interesting for a shapeshifter book to explore the dilemma of "When you can be anyone..who are you?"
Of Mischief & Books 5 years ago
It really isn't explored enough, it's a pity ! I would love to read such a book too ( that's a given, what with this entry, but, well. I really would ! ), with the question you just pointed out, and then some, there are so many possibilities and I don't understand why no book like this comes to my mind right now. Surely there must be something...? Anyway, I hope so.

Thank you so much for reblogging this ! I might have to pledge you my unyielding loyalty :)

Just kidding. You wouldn't know what to make of my loyalty anyway, I'm kind of an absent minded and clumsy person, I'd get caught up in some trouble before I made myself useful. But that was really nice of you, so thanks again !
Well its the kind of book Ive been wanting to find myself. Only I liked the way you formulated it and thought "thats rebloggable" lol

Now that I think of it, there is one book that might be something like what you look for. But I didnt like it for other reasons. Other by Karen Kincy. But really not a rec.

If I ever decide to embrace my villainous side and take over the world you can become my number one minion :P

Arent most of villains henchmen supposed to screw things up so the heroes can save the day anyways? lol
Of Mischief & Books 5 years ago
That's true. Now that I think about it, clumsy henchman would probably be my trade of choice, I'd be terribly good at it. It would be an honor to screw things up for your villainous rule.

You're reminding me that I did read one story with shapeshifters some time ago. Hawksong, the first book in the Kiesha'ra series. There were some good ideas but I also thought some things needed to be clarified. Haven't read it in a while though, so I wouldn't be able to give specifics. This one too was mostly focused on the romance between the two main-characters.
Excellent. Its all coming together. *evil laugh* At least I would outfit my henchmen with cool clothes. So theres that lol

Yep read that one. Several things were confusing in that one @_@
The Farceur Trilogy 5 years ago
I know books where a character is a shapeshifter but its not explored that much. ----> yes, I would say that this encompasses most books that I know about shapeshifting as well, unfortunately. I can't think of *any* that I know of where it's the focus...