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Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
This sounds like a great experience!
I attended my first book festival last October, and while it was super exciting to meet a few of the authors and get their autographs, I think my favorite part was attending one of the panels. It was super cool to hear the thoughts of the authors and to get a feel for their personalities.
I totally agree. When I have attended something like this I seem to enjoy the books just that much more.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
"Sadly for fans of her “cozies” the recent acquisition of her publisher by another major publishing house is going to result in slowly phasing out that sub-genre."

Can you expand on this? Do you mean her publisher is phasing out their cozies or did they imply it was going to be an industry wide trend? What merger was she referring to?

Sounds like it was a great time!
Ms. Bolin is/was with Penguin which has been acquired by Random House. Random House has decided that they will no longer be publishing "cozies" under either brand. They will honor any present contracts with authors but go no further as far as acquiring new works. As far as I understand - or as far as Ms. Bolin was concerned it was only RH. However as goes one giant in the business so might follow others?
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Seems rather odd that RH would make such a massive decision - Berkeley Prime Crime published a *lot* of cozies (although not a lot of good ones), but who knows? Maybe it's a money pit. I'll have to see if I can find out any further information about it. Thanks! :)
I am only passing along what I heard at the discussion last night. Please pass along any further information you may gather. Cozies are not my cup of tea but I would interested in any further info. This was a Canadian panel speaking about Canadian publishing. That could have a bearing on the RH decision.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I've done a bit of digging, and while PRH aren't dumping *all* their cozies, they are certainly culling the list rather heavily. There's a list on a closed/private Facebook group, which someone has copy/pasted into a GR discussion group, and that list has ~20 authors that have been confirmed as being cancelled.

I'm a huge cozy reader, and while this is just my taste, there were only two authors on that list that I felt any disappointment about. I can't really get really upset about a culling, although I am relieved that they aren't dumping the whole sub-genre.

I'm still doing some more digging but that's what I've found so far. :)
Thanks for the update