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8 years ago
Good review! I listened to this on audio and the audio itself was amazing - music, sound effects, different voices, etc. The story did drag in the middle for me. Lil bored til the end. I have to read Dark Lords of the Sith this month. THAT I'm looking forward to. But honestly, I feel like all this is filler until Aftermath in September.
Darth Pedant 8 years ago
I liked your review of the audio. I don't usually go for audiobooks, but maybe I should've made an exception for this one. It probably would have helped with the flow. I've heard Dark Lords is pretty darn good, and I share your filler feelings.
Darth Pedant 8 years ago
I feel ya. That canon announcement really took the wind out of my sails. My husband had literally just bought about 100 Star Wars comics on his tablet a few weeks before (turns out it was a clearance sale instead of an after Christmas sale, heh), and I've lost the desire to read them. This was the wrong book to read in an attempt to get my SW mojo back, but it was $1.99, so I have few regrets.