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BrokenTune 6 years ago
What did you make of the ending? I thought it was pathetic. Clearly, Bond is a hired assassin. Yet, he can't be "seen" on the page to be killing someone without the justification of self-defence... It's just so pathetic.
Darth Pedant 6 years ago
That's what inspired my "high road" comment. It happens nearly every time he's sent to kill someone. He passes up chance after chance to get the job done and waits until he's cornered himself in a kill-or-be-killed situation. I understand wanting to portray Bond as having "no taste for murder" but the dude had a job to do. That's literally what they pay him for. They didn't give him the 00# for nothing.

When I got to the end and that big song and dance in the marsh I was bored to tears and cursing Bond for not taking the shot when he was alone in the car with Scaramanga and his driver. But I guess if he'd done that this would have been a very short story.