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The ending *was* super-rushed. At least, reading a one-book edition, I knew this really was supposed to be the end ... (it's not the only book Wentworth ends in such a fashion, though).

Congrats on guessing Grey Mask's identity ... especially since it was based on a piece of real deduction! Love the "stew" trope name. :D
Darth Pedant 5 years ago
Guessing Grey Mask's identity made me feel better after completely overlooking the obviously crooked lawyer. Maybe I thought if the vacuous Margot didn't trust him, he was probably A-okay. :)
I see we employed opposing techniques on the lawyer and Grey Mask. :D I was suspicious of Grey Mask's ID early on because he just struck me as that sort of character. OTOH, with the lawyer, I actually did try to reason from the facts provided in the book in making up my mind whether he was crooked ...
Darth Pedant 5 years ago
Your techniques served you well. :)
So did yours, you -- whatever it takes, right? :)