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5 years ago
Dish! What series?
Oh wow!
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Oh wow. .. sure is crazy
5 years ago
Wow! What series?
Ceridwen 5 years ago
Yes, spill!
Darth Pedant 5 years ago
Sorry all, I meant to come back with more info, but I spent too long diving down the rabbit hole and had to go to bed. So, good morning! The scant info I was able to scrape together:

The series is Amber House, co-written by Kelly Moore and her daughters, Tucker and Larkin Reed. If those names are familiar, you've either read the books or remember the drama from way back in 2013 when Tucker kind of flipped out over Cory/Litchick/Navessa's status update and went on an ill-advised multi-platform comment rampage, and then Kelly jumped in and went on her own ill-advised comment rampage to defend/do damage control for her daughter. Things got weird, and then they finally wised up and shut up and left GR and BL.

Fast forward a bit, and book 3 kept getting delayed. Then it was going to be split into two books, one to be published in 2017, the last in 2018. I can't remember where I got this info. It was either Twitter or FB about this time last year, which is interesting because by that time Tucker Reed had been indicted for manslaughter in the shooting death of her maternal uncle in July of 2016. The latest info I could find is that her trial was postponed and has yet to be rescheduled, but my Google-fu in legal matters is pretty weak.

From her Wikipedia page (the edit history of which is . . . interesting):

Manslaughter charges[edit]
On July 26, 2016, Reed was arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of her 63 year old maternal uncle, Shane Moore; this occurred at his home in Applegate, Oregon. Reed's bail was set at $200,000. [38] On July 29, 2016, Reed was indicted on charges of first and second degree manslaughter by a grand jury.[39] When approached by the press, Reed's mother, Kelly Moore, said her daughter acted in self-defense against Mr. Moore, who had been threatening Ms. Reed and Ms. Moore and other members of the family and who was under specific court order to stay away from Ms. Reed after assaulting her in 2015. The first degree manslaughter charge alleges that Reed caused Moore's death by acting unlawfully and recklessly, and under circumstances "manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life." Reed's second degree manslaughter charge alleges she "unlawfully and recklessly" caused Moore's death. [40]

(There are some links to news articles in the sources)

And a news article with accompanying video:

On the book front, the Amber House official website is now a 404 page. Official Twitter and Facebook are inactive with the last posts being about a year ago. My wild, unfounded guess is that either they've got way too much to deal with to worry about publishing right now, or Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic dropped them like a hot potato. Or both.