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What a fun task, very cute. I love the last one - budget shmudget. :)
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
Thanks! I suck at budgeting anyway. XD
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I love how most of these I've seen so far (including my own) can all be interpreted in a way that answers the question.
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
It's almost spooky! :)
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Re: A; maybe that's your TBR talking? Maybe they've been TBR books for so long they only identify as TBR and the idea of changing their identify from TBR to Read feels as though you're killing them?

Or maybe I'm projecting my TBRs existential crises onto yours...
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
Now that you mention it, I've had some of these books so long that they very well could have attained sentience...
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Oh, Ishmael. What a carrot to dangle in DP's face about finding a new favourite book, when we all know, deep down, that Moby Dick is going to have to press HARD to be that new favourite.

DP - I hope you'll love Moby DIck...or at least have words with Ishmael if you don't.
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
He's talked himself up pretty big, so it better be one amazing whale hunt or words will most definitely be had! XD
I hope all of those new twists aren't going to have your head in a perpetual spin ... and, yeah, sure can't say that Ishmael sucks at self-promotion! Hope he can take as well as he gives ...
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
Reviews are mixed. I suspect Ishmael's ability to deliver on the goods may hinge on my tolerance for whaling industry trivia.
... and verbiage. (Generally speaking.)
4 years ago
I had ZERO tolerance for whaling industry trivia. Just saying. :)
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
LOL I remember that from your review. :D
Ani's Book Abyss 4 years ago
I don't know anything about whaling industry trivia, so I'm kind of looking forward to any reading updates based on some of those quoted lines. Very fun responses to the questions, by the way.

And on a side note: I love this post! And I love the entire thread of conversation going on here! LOL Made my day. =D
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
This is a really fun task! I've loved everybody's responses. :D