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I could never warm up to the series to begin with -- to me there's an incredibly condescending writerly attitude wrapped up in the supposed fuzzies.
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
There is, and I overlooked it for years before it started to irk me. It's in all of his series, and the more of them I read, the more irksome it got. That's part of why the magic is gone. Somewhere along the line I hit my writerly condescension limit.
Yup. It's why I've never even bothered with the rest of his series.
Darth Pedant 4 years ago
My mother adores all of his series. I'm wondering now how much of my own affection for these books was tied up in the two of us doing mother-daughter buddy reads. Probably a lot.
Oh, I bet! And whyever not?