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Murder by Death 3 years ago
::snort:: rite of passage.
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
Yup. My only consolation is that I am not alone. XD
Also: scouring record stores for actual Spinal Tap recordings ...
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
Hahaha! I have somehow managed to never see that movie and had no idea they weren't actually a band until about ten years ago, but at least I never went looking for their music. XD
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
You know, it suddenly strikes me that Rob Reiner has a lot to answer for... :p
He certainly does!
3 years ago
This is Spinal Tap is a personal favorite of mine. (It goes to 11.)
I'm glad you liked Daisy. :)
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
It was super engrossing and entertaining and the perfect bubble bath for my brain after the last two books I read. It played out in my head like one of those TV retrospectives, and I will never not sit down and watch one of those.

And now I must see if any of our streaming services have This is Spinal Tap. :D
Enjoy: :)