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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
I am so completely comfortable with cheesy in books - but for some reason put it in a cable tv movie and I'll go "aaaargh, no no."
Denise 4 years ago
Yeah I agree. For some reason cheesy things on tv or in the movies make me cringe but put it in a book and it's not so bad.
I'm not a writer at all either but making up stories in my head is a favorite past time too.
The guy behind me at the bank? He is suddenly a bankrobber and he and his friends have targeted this bank and oh no! they need a hostage and gasp! its me! But wait! Turns out he is undercover FBI who has infiltrated this underground group. He protects me and then helps me escape as we run for our lives!
Then I deposit my money and leave never even making eye contact with the dude.
I read too much and am completely out of control :/
Denise 4 years ago
That sounds awesome. What a fabulous imagination you have.