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I thought Magnus Magnusson's The Vikings was good.
Denise 9 years ago
I just looked this up and it sounds like something that I would really enjoy. I am putting it in my tbr pile. Thanks!
Abandoned by user 9 years ago
The only one I've read is The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer, which is YA & is really quite good. Juliet Marillier has a duo that are based on the Vikings: Wolfskin & Foxmask. I haven't read them, though.

There are a number of Viking romance novels, esp by Johanna Lindsey, but I wouldn't bet on a lot of historical accuracy with them. I think I read the first one called Fires of Winter. I remember almost nothing about it, though.
Denise 9 years ago
The Sea of Trolls sounds like a fun read. I'll be adding that to my tbr pile. The books by Juliet Marillier look promising too. They'll also be adding to my ever growing tbr pile.

I wouldn't mind reading a Viking romance novel and I can understand how they probably wouldn't be historically accurate. I'll be sure to look up Johanna Lindsey. Thanks!
I don't have any books to recommend but Ragnar makes me want to cultivate livestock and sail west! *drool*. Season 1 has Gabriel Byrne too! Its a definite must watch.
Denise 9 years ago
Oh god yes he does. When I was flipping through channels and I saw his face I immediately stopped and after watching some I was glad that I did. I have watched all of season two that has been televised and I am so excited to watch season one. Even though I haven't seen season one, season two was surprisingly easy to follow. I have it set to tape all new episodes so I don't miss anything.