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Oooh yes, Josh Kirby's cover art so deserves to be highlighted! No other covers are quite like his.
Mike Finn 2 years ago
Josh Kirby made the Discworld books stand out and caught the atmosphere perfectly. I think they're part of the reason why Pratchett became the most shoplifted author in the UK.
Lol! I bet such a dubious commendation tickled the guy
Portable Magic 2 years ago
I'm about to start this one for the DW group read, and I'm looking forward to comparing the re-read to the original read. It was the first DW book I read, and it immediately sucked me in. But I had no basis for comparison, so I hope it won't be disappointing compared to the later books.
I also hope for you that it won't be -- can only say that (unlike "Equal Rites") it wasn't, for me! Hopefully your experience will be similar.