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BrokenTune 1 year ago
Oh, I picked this up last week. Glad to hear it is not a total miss.
It's good if you haven't read anything else on the topic. If you have, then it doesn't really tell you anything new. There also wasn't enough fashion commentary to piss me off either.

It's a bit bland in the science department - the Shapiro book is good for that. Avoid the Pilcher book - author has an annoying cutesy writing style.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
LoL. How dare the author not include enough fashion commentary to piss you off!? Hahaha... We're really fussy readers, aren't we?
Haha! I have certain expectations of books that are marketed as "science" books i.e. it must include at least 80% science. And no bloody fashion commentary. So long as they don't do a strip tease in the middle of the street, I simply don't care what they wear to interviews/work.

Torill keeps reminding the reader that one of the scientists reminds him of Father Christmas - perpetually cheerful and optimistic, with a huge white beard, and he replies to letters from kids asking about resurrecting mammoths. But I can put up with this. It doesn't take up the whole book.