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Flat Book Society material?

(Sorry I keep asking that question, but given the "luck" we've (not) been having with out picks, I think going by books actually recommended by one of our number just might be the thing to do ...)
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Ask away.

Possibly. I found it interesting anyway. But it was published this year and I have no idea how expensive it is (right now it's a large Norton hardcover with colour illustrations, not sure about the ebook) to purchase or how available it is library wise. We can all squabble over whether we agree with the various hypothesis and if humans went on a butchering spree or just spread germs around or had nothing to do with anything. ;) I'm not sure this is a "popular science" book as such - no interviews or fashion commentary.

Better review:

Maybe have a look at the stuff written by Donald Prothero. He writes for the interested, intelligent lay person and he has tonnes of books about different topics. Maybe something there will be of interest?
Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
The other option is for the book club members to pick a narrowish topic and then everyone just reads any book that is related to that topic? So if the topic is Resurrection of Extinct Species then you have at least 7 books to choose from, some dealining more with the science, others with emphasis on ethics, some just an overview and one concentrating specifically on the wooly mammoth. Then readers can pick which ever book suites their tastes?
Thank you, I will have a look. Hmm, maybe it's time to come up with a new source book list (even if only one I'm keeping for myself), for books actually read and deemed interesting by one of the group's members ...

Do you think this one is eventually going to have a paperback edition? (I suppose the HC might be available to those getting their books from their library, but for those looking to buy cost might be an issue ... unless they decide the illustrations make the splurge worthwhile either way.)

ETA: A bimonthly topic might be another good way to get a grip on our selections topic-wise. Though, that would put an extra onus on the group admins -- unless one of the rest of us were to oversee that particular voting process. (Umm. And you're doing such a great job keeping track of the Discworld reading calendar that *I* should really be keeping track of ...)
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Other review:

Sometimes Norton produce paperbacks - usually a year after first publication. There is a link to the illustrators website (his name) so you can have a look at his illustrations.

Cool, thank you again!
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I don't mind helping out with the admin stuff. You must just let me know what you want me to do. If we do biomonthly topics, we can just vote for topics the way we do books. I assume there is a way to list topics and not just books? Otherwise that will have to go in a discussion thread? I have no idea how the group/club function works behind the scene.
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Now I'm looking for a book on elephant and/or whale evolution. *sigh* I somehow doubt anyone wrote one.
I'd think there *must* be something on whales, if only because of the fact that they're sea-dwelling mammals?

And, unfortunately, there isn't a way to create polls for topics or other things besides voting on books here on BL. But I've found Quiz Maker ( useful for creating my final "Snakes and Ladders" poll -- some of the other participants in that game and BL-opoly are using it too -- or alternatively, we could just create a post with the different options and ask people to vote in the comments. (I'd want to crowdsource the actual topic suggestions beforehand, though.)
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There is a whale book - 2014 publication. Nothing particularly on ancient elephants though.

It would probably be a good idea to see how everyone else feels about the topic vs book choice topic and definately crowd source topic suggestions. Then deal with the logistics of the whole thing - IF necessary.
True! :) Better not get too far ahead of ourselves ...