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Hol 8 months ago
That's easy, not to think too hard lol!
Elentarri's Book Blog 8 months ago
There's a few too many convenient coincidences and things all happen in something like one or two days (usual Dan Brown stuff) which is REALLY convenient. Maybe you can go all over Europe in a day, but I'm assuming you have to hang around for the bus/train and walking places takes time, so does driving places and then standing around staring at paintings/sculptures etc. They also landed a plane in Turkey and none of the officials twitched an eyebrow. Even famous professors don't just waltz through a national airport without dealing with paperwork and obnoxious people or at least someone who wants to act important? It all adds up and doesn't add up - so it helps if you put those brain cells on hold.
Hol 8 months ago
Very true. I read it before and totally suspended my disbelief.