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Liz Loves Books.Com. 5 years ago
I quite fancy this one!
Ugh this book keeps spamming me via goodreads. i was pretty tempted to take it off my TBR list. but i might keep it on for a little while longer now :)
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I surprisingly like it very much, it has a Hunger Games/Angelfall kind of feeling. Plus, it's cheap so that must a redeeming quality.
very true! lol.
suppose I'll def have to check it out now based on your opinion, which seems to run inline with mine according to your 'Nina Rose's My Precious Book Montage'
All the books i can currently see I've loved, theres only 4 books i havent read off that list and 1 i wasnt too fused with (Eona) but i've been meaning to give another shot, as i read it many years ago, and disliked for high-fantasy based books then.