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Kaia 5 years ago
That technobabble and info-dumping doesn't quit, I'm afraid. It's how Weber rolls.
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
Ewww! Nooo, don't tell me that. I'm so glad I got it for free on Kindle then. XDD
I have a couple people who suggested Weber to me. I'm not sure they know me as well as they think...
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I'm not a big fan of getting books rec to me by RL friends because I am afraid of offending them once I hate on the book. XDDD It's different on the online blogging comm people rec you books and understand if you hate on them, RL friends are so freaking touchy.
I'll tell them if I hate them. I"m shameless about it.

They tell me I read crap, too. I laugh when they do, and I'm like, 'yeeeah, I know!'
Kaia 5 years ago
I tried reading it because my husband loves it, but it was way too infodumpy for me. I do like his young adult series, but the first one is also really infodumpy. Then he gets paired with Jane Linskold, who must've red-penned it all or something, because it's just gone. And his work is better for it, way better.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
This does have quite a bit of technology and machinery. But, from the very first book ( despite infodumps which I usually have little patience for) it has become a favorite series. The characters and the worldbuilding just get better and better.

Unless military maneuvers reminding you of Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander and innumerable old black and white movies on British Naval maneuvers bore you silly.

It's a very interesting (and unusually thorough) amount of what goes into translating marine battles into space battles with spaceships. I'm not knowledgable to tell if very good technobabble and very good military strategy — but I sure loved reading it in this series and found it all plausible.

I have a love/hate relationship with books with too much military action (particularly naval engagements), but this world and these characters sucked me in before I finished the very first book.

The whole series takes some very interesting turns.