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Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
If you're looking for other cheaper f/f sci-fi romance, you might give Renae Jones' Hellcat's Bounty a try. It's been Amazon-only for a while now, but I got it before the author made that change. There's also Malinda Lo (f/f YA - the two I read were fantasy, although I think she has some YA sci-fi too) - I think her books are traditionally published, so you might be able to get them through a library.

Unfortunately, pretty much every other f/f title I've read that I've liked has been $9.99 or so. :-/
Thanks! I've noted Renae Jones' name and if forced to, I can buy from Amazon. *LOL* It sounds entertaining.

And I wish I knew what the deal was with these f/f romances. Seems to me that they're pricing themselves out of widening their niche, y'know? Most of the ones (and they're not many) I find that are affordable - to me - are YA and those just aren't the romances I'm wanting to read. :/
Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
I know, it's so frustrating. Small presses justify charging a lot for f/f romance by saying it's niche, but the expense contributes to it being niche - who wants to try out a book by a new-to-them author that costs the equivalent of two or more books from another small press?