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Holy Molly!!! and i thought i had quite the collection!

also i cant believe Nora Roberts has written so many books! impressive!
It's extremely rare that a book that's entered this house actually leaves it to go to a new home. *LOL* Part of the reason I went to an eReader was an issue with space... unfortunately, the constraint never registered in my brain and I still buy hard copy books. *LOL* And I feel pretty safe in saying that Nora must be up around 150 books - not counting the IN DEATH series(J.D. Robb) - and still producing!
Sheesh how does one person have that much time!!
though Im happy to have learned a new Pen Name, they always interest me.

yea i find i still tend to buy physical copies rather than ebooks, though i go more for paperbacks because there smaller and i can cram more into one space.
also my physical copies never run out of battery, though sometimes lighting is an issue.
Thank you! :)