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Oh wow I had no idea that you could mass request people like that! That's pretty fun! I also JUST found out that on your feed, you can allow ONLY Top Friends- which I do now, since I found out about it, so that you only see reviews and updates that you're REALLY interested in. That has actually helped me use Goodreads a lot more! I love Bloglovin to follow blogs, but I also have a Chrome plugin that apparently doesn't play nicely with Bloglovin, so I mostly use it on my phone now, or switch to Firefox, which is a pain, I can't figure out the culprit though! I feel you with Twitter though, I swear, I will never fully "get" Twitter. ;) Great post!
Got My Book 5 months ago
Thanks. The mass request thing is definitely really slick. I am still playing with the Top Friends stuff though. It's very frustrating when things don't work the way they are supposed to.
Mass requests are good, but I tend to not accept those who won't answer my question. It's a very simple question, so it should be real quick to answer. I have done the question thing because there was a time when I got a lot of almost spammy requests from authors over there -who wanted to be friends to try to get me to buy their book (even if their book wasn't in a genre I usually read or review).
I'll find you over there for sure!
When it comes to Google+, I use that mostly for linking to my reviews on my blog.
Good luck!!
Got My Book 5 months ago
Thanks. When I did my first mass request, I didn't even know about the questions. Now that I do, I will eventually go back and rerequest where I've been ignored. I've been pretty lucky in the requests that I get so far, although I do ignore authors from genres I'm completely uninterested in.