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Oh wow I had no idea that you could mass request people like that! That's pretty fun! I also JUST found out that on your feed, you can allow ONLY Top Friends- which I do now, since I found out about it, so that you only see reviews and updates that you're REALLY interested in. That has actually helped me use Goodreads a lot more! I love Bloglovin to follow blogs, but I also have a Chrome plugin that apparently doesn't play nicely with Bloglovin, so I mostly use it on my phone now, or switch to Firefox, which is a pain, I can't figure out the culprit though! I feel you with Twitter though, I swear, I will never fully "get" Twitter. ;) Great post!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks. The mass request thing is definitely really slick. I am still playing with the Top Friends stuff though. It's very frustrating when things don't work the way they are supposed to.
Mass requests are good, but I tend to not accept those who won't answer my question. It's a very simple question, so it should be real quick to answer. I have done the question thing because there was a time when I got a lot of almost spammy requests from authors over there -who wanted to be friends to try to get me to buy their book (even if their book wasn't in a genre I usually read or review).
I'll find you over there for sure!
When it comes to Google+, I use that mostly for linking to my reviews on my blog.
Good luck!!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks. When I did my first mass request, I didn't even know about the questions. Now that I do, I will eventually go back and rerequest where I've been ignored. I've been pretty lucky in the requests that I get so far, although I do ignore authors from genres I'm completely uninterested in.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
When editing shelves there, particulalry batch editing lots of books, if you don't move/shelve a book to one of your exclusive shelves, goodreads will shelve/mark it as "read" -- I found it useful to have an exclusive shelf named something like placeholder/hold/organizing (back when I was obsessed with goodreads) so I could temporarily dump books to while reorganizing.

On goodreads, the shelves feed into several features (you can also activate a goodreads interface here on booklikes so your shelvings and reviews automatically echo if I remember correctly).

Rating or reviewing on goodreads will auto-shelve as read.

Entering a giveaway (unless you remember uncheck the easy to miss box) will shelve a book "to read."

Your shelving will show in search results, So you can see if book searched for might be shelved as "sample to read" "on my kindle" or whatever.

Will show on the book's page. So if you've marked "read" you won't accidentally buy or sample again, ditto if you've shelved "not for me" after checking it out the first hundred times it came across your radar.

Book comparisons rely on shelving/rating and many potential goodreads friends/review-followers check that first.

Improves book recommendations feature of goodreads for you (actually takes a few months of clicking "not interested" to get any use out of that and many bloggers get humorous fodder from goodreads idea of because-you-read recommendations which at least are now better since two years ago they stopped including books you 1-starred).

Depending on what group activities you get sucked into, some of the group challenges will use certain shelf names.

Shelves on goodreads are also used as tags including things like fantasy, epic fantasy, cliffhanger ending, love triangle, POC, etc. (what genre goodreads puts a book in depends on how it is shelved by members) where that helps other readers and group activities.

Goodreads touts "to read" shelf way too much when selling features to authors or others. When you click "want to read" it puts book on "to read" (plus giveaways have to deliberatley opt out). Some readers use "to read" to mean "already bought sitting on a shelf/device waiting to be read" -- goodreads refuses to get that and unlike booklikes doesn't let you designate which of your shelf names you are using to mean "wishlist" or "want to read."
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
For Twitter, next month (April 27) you should consider joining Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon and the #readathon tags there. Even if not really doing flat out readathon and just treating it as "going to read something anyway so might as well count it.). Gets you used to Twitter (well, in my case the April and October readathons are pretty much the only time I tweet).

Booklikes members will tag their posts "readathon" here as well, Booklikes sync to Twitter sucks badly. It basically endlessly sends a bunch of links people can click to come to the booklikes post without even including post title (may have changed, I haven't tried recently).

There's a well-established, welcoming, largish group on goodreads for the readathon at:

Readathon website is (not much activity or updates between Spring and Fall readathons but closer to the next one they'll update).