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Good luck with the hosting change. I don't really have a recommendation as I just use Blogger- those who are more tech savvy prefer self hosted Wordpress I'm sure. I think they all have pros and cons. I do know there are bloggers/ hosts out there who will do the transition for you, and they know what they're doing.

I've read some Mercedes Lackey and honestly it's hit or miss for me.

The Blue Dragon looks good with that cover!
Got My Book 2 years ago
I would love to be able to go the self-hosted Wordpress route, and pay someone to do the migration for me.

I haven't read much Lackey in the past few years, since most of what I've read has been disappointing. Her early stuff had some truly emotionally powerful scenes, but the newer books are so bland.
Portable Magic 2 years ago
I'm sorry to lose you here at BL but totally understand. The bugs and slowness have really been a problem and there doesn't seem to be a commitment to improve the performance. Best of luck to you!
Got My Book 2 years ago
I will probably stick around, this just won't be my primary site anymore.
Ok here's another mark against Booklikes, it just deleted my comment as I was halfway through typing it? Lol. But down for 12 hours? Yikes. That is bad. I've never used Booklikes. Actually I hadn't even heard of them until I started blogging or maybe until I found your blog? Anyway, I've used Blogger in the past and found it confusing and frustrating. I've also used the free Wordpress, and that was a lot easier to use, but you don't get control over the CSS, so it depends on if you want to be able to edit the CSS. Good luck with everything when you eventually do the transfer!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Yeah, it eats comments fairly often unfortunately.

The sad thing is that Booklikes offers control over both your HTML & your CSS, so I've come to expect it.

Good luck moving the blog - I've never had the nerve to try it.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks, I'm not looking forward to it.
Good luck with moving your blog. It sounds daunting but I'm sure it will be better in the long run. I use blogger and it's fairly simple. I'd like a bit more control which WordPress can give you but I'm not willing to move my blog just for a few formatting issues!

Your issues however are large, and definitely your commenting system is a bit of a run around! I've struggled with it before. It might really help you cut down on time replying to non booklikes members as most systems users link their profiles and their blog is just a click away.

How are the Cybils going?
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks. I definitely wouldn't change for any simple issues. However, I think I can probably do the same work in half the time if I get a better host. A lot of people struggle with the commenting system, and the notifications in both direction aren't great.

We didn't get as many nominations in the audio category as I was expecting, but there are some really interesting ones. I just finished listening to the first one last night.
I think it's a good idea to move blog platform. Those technical difficulties sound so frustrating. I never used booklikes myself, but I can say I love self hosted wordpress. And if you decide to go that route, please let me know if you need help as it can be quite daunting to move. I don't think a platform switch will set you back, just make sure to leave a post on your old blog letting people know about the change.

There are some hosting providers that are quite cheap, especially if you buy hosting and domain name a few years in advance as your first purchase is cheaper than when you buy additional years.

Any tips I can give you is to do some research beforehand, most moving isn't too hard, but you have to know what to export and import and you can make sure your design on the new platform is ready before you import things. When i switched forb logger to wordpress I read a lot about switching at first, but then there are a lot of posts an d tips about moving from blogger to wordpress. not sure if they have that as well for booklikes.

I always read two books at the same time nowadays, one on my kobo or paperback and one on my ipad. I read both on different times of the day and it works for me.

Have a great week!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks for all the tips & support. Unfortunately, Booklikes doesn't let you export. I will be manually migrating the posts a few at a time once I get the new blog up.

I will look into the self-hosted one more time, since several people have told me that there are cheap options. Unfortunately, it would have to be really cheap to fit my budget.

Hope you are feeling better and that your week is great as well.
I use the free WordPress and for the most part it's good. There are work-arounds for many - not all - of the things they don't allow. One of these days I'll go to self-hosted Wordpress. Good luck with the host changes. Too much downtime would be a deal-breaker for me too.
Got My Book 2 years ago
I will be doing a lot of research to figure out which platform has the quirks I'm most able to live with (since I know that there is no such thing as a perfect solution).
I've been really happy with the wordpress-hosted site. I use just the basic free version plus paying $25/year for my own domain name. But they do have a lot of intermediate options, too - the $25 a month business plan gets you the ability to put in your own advertising, for instance.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Unfortunately I really want to be able to edit my CSS, which the free version doesn't do; and I can't afford $25/month right now.