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I just saw the news about BEA earlier. that will certainly ruffle some feathers, I wonder that the backlash on that will be. And nice Book Riot link too- hadn't thought about following agents but maybe not a bad idea!

Some of those freebies look pretty good.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks, I can't help but thinking that the big bloggers reach a lot more people than the librarians at my small local branch. (Don't get me wrong, I would actually love to be a librarian, I'm just saying...)
Debbish (guest) 2 years ago

I'm glad you got more competition entries as I knew you were worried at one point you weren't going to get many!

And well done on Blog Ahead, even if you didn't reach your goal. You attempted it and that was WAY MORE than I did. (Although I did 'wish' I'd done it. Does that count?)
Good luck at the Cybils!

Here’s my Sunday Post!

Catch you over @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!
Got My Book 2 years ago
That would definitely be me from a library...too many books to keep track of and I likely wouldn't even get through them all! Such is the life of a bookworm!

Have a great week & happy reading!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Normally it isn't a problem, but with the Cybils I just don't have time. We'll have to see how many I'm able to finish.
Roberta (guest) 2 years ago
I really miss Cybils. I know it can get crazy when you have so many books to process, but I always enjoyed it. I used to blog about children's nonfiction at Wrapped in Foil, but I gave it up. Good luck!
Got My Book 2 years ago
As audiobook judges, we have fewer books but they take longer. I might like to try one of the other categories next year, or not.
Got My Book 2 years ago
I'll check it out.
That's interesting news about BEA - It's not really relevant to me here, but it's potentially going to rock a few boats. I wonder what kind of impact it will have.

Well done on your Blog Ahead achievements! I would call that successful!

I have always liked to check out publishers but that's an interesting one about Agents. I can see that being a good move. :)
Got My Book 2 years ago
I've never been and, despite being in the US, my limited budget means that's unlikely to change. We'll have to see how it turns out though.

I too follow a number of publishers but never considered agents, despite the fact that for one series it was always the agent who first announced the next book.
Sounds like you did great with Blog Ahead even though you didn't meet your goal. I didn't meet my goal either, but I am glad with the few posts I got written.
I enjoyed Inside Out, so I am looking forward to hear your thoughts about it. I never thought to follow an author their agent. Have a great week!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks, I was hoping to finish a few more today but family things came up.