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This is why I like soft SF which sometimes has a Fantasy feel to it but includes at least some science.
Got My Book 2 years ago
It is fun when they mix genres.
I also love Fantasy, although I too think fantasy is my second favourite genre. Both genre's let your imagination go wild.

I think Sci Fi is important because it helps you to expand the way you think. It also lets you stetch your sense of belief because sci fi is grounded in fact but is taken to the extreme and has elements that are yet to be true. I love the ideas presented in Sci fi.

Travelling through space at the speed of light or warping time would be freaking awesome. Cryogenic sleep is so fascinating. There are so many cool things in sci fi.

Jordon @ Simply Adrift
Got My Book 2 years ago
I've never really had any interest in being a space explorer myself, but I would love to use advanced science to explore the ocean or other less accessible places on our own planet.
Great post. I prefer fantasy maybe a smidge over SF but both go back as far as I can remember. And I agree about Star Trek- that original series (and the later ones) really blazed a trail, the most defining characteristic for me is that it's a hopeful future, with medical/ technological/ etc breakthroughs and advances, that does give us hope. Wouldn't it be nice to achieve that future?

Also your point about inspiration. I read somewhere that Carl Sagan was inspired by early Edgar Rice Burroughs stories people like that who were writing about what ifs and amazing futures. I think many have been inspired that way.

I have read some interesting YA SF and I think some of the better stuff going on in SF right now is in YA.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Yes, a hopeful future is very important right now, when I have almost given up the News.

The original version of this article had a lot of examples of people who were inspired by SF, but I decided it was way too long.
I've never even thought about SF influencing kids and teens to pursue those kinds of jobs, but that's a great point! It would be encouraging and probably get more of them interested in those topics. And you're right, SF does often explore more real-life relatable type things than fantasy. Great post.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks. I think that fiction is often more influential on kids who read it than their classes sometimes.
Rinn (guest) 2 years ago
It's true - there does seem to have been a bit of an explosion of YA SF lately, and a LOT of it is dystopian. I'd love to see some hard science YA SF. Some space opera or something!

Those are really excellent points. I hope that it does inspire young people into future careers - but if that's the case, then we need to make sure that as many people are reading these genres as much as possible, and I still feel like SF is a neglected genre, not to mention that so many teens do not read :(
Got My Book 2 years ago
I have definitely gotten the sense this last year (my first as a blogger) that SF is neglected. I am grateful to you for hosting Sci-Fi Month and helping me find other people who love it.
This is such an interesting topic! I recently watched the Martian, and that Science Fiction genre really spoke to me! It's super influential and I'm definitely looking forward to going more into SF!