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If dressing in all black makes on an evil overlord, everyone had better look out for me because I'm coming to take over the world lol. But that whole thing actually sounds hilarious but also like it would really make you feel for the character.

I also like thinking characters, but if the author isn't careful sometimes they can overdo it with too much analyzing and understanding of every thing they do, every thought and feeling that comes into their head, etc., and then to me it becomes unrealistic. But it's also frustrating when characters just don't think and continually jump into bad decisions. There needs to be a balance somewhere in the middle.
Got My Book 2 years ago
That's funny about the black. When I was in college, it was very popular for all the students at the related all girls school to wear lots of black.

And too much thinking can be unrealistic, especially in younger characters. I find that thinking can bug me if the author uses it as a clumsy way to info-dump.