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Tessa's Blog 2 years ago
I do not think that blogging necessarily makes reading less fun, but it definitely puts more pressure on me to read. I feel as if I should always either be writing a post or reading a book, even though that is not possible for anyone. Regardless, blogging has given me a new appreciation for reading and writing.
I honestly put giveaway books at the bottom of my TBR unless I really want to read them. I already have a ton of review books that I agreed to read, so I wait to read review books.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Having done Blog Ahead in October, I am feeling a bit less pushed. But I need to keep going or I will run out of stockpiled posts.
The giveaway books I win. I read them when I feel like it. I don't schedule them, though I probably should, but haven't. I think next year I will have to take the giveaway win pill that has been getting bigger.

Yes, Now that I blog I do feel like I read less. Some days I say to hell with looking at my email and checking online just to read all day. I find that all the social aspects take up more time then anything. It gets daunting, so I do try to make a few days be reading only days and not worry about the blog.

I've had issues with graphics too on my blog, but those are the ones I get from Amazon. The kindle ones keep vanishing, but the paperback/hardcover pictures stay. I don't get why some picture links work and others don't.

Have a great week and happy reading!!
Got My Book 2 years ago
I'm just have trouble with Amazon graphics also, and always the Kindle or Audible ones. Are you only experiencing this here on Booklikes, or is it happening on your regular website as well?
It's on my regular website as well. Not sure what is up. I have to keep swiping out the kindle picture for the paperback one, if I don't I just get an x. Weird!
Got My Book 2 years ago
Well at least that tells me it is most likely on the Amazon end. I am going to try and contact them and see if they have anything to say about it. IF I am able to get it straightened out, I will let you know. I have definitely learned my lesson about not including an "alt" though.
I'm glad your sister is doing a little better, but sorry about all the technical difficulties :-/ I have no advice about the Yahoo thing since I don't use Yahoo. I think you should be able to change your email on most accounts though? I feel like most of them just require you to input your password, and then you can change the email to a different one. But I suppose some might require you to click a link or something. And the disappearing images, not sure about that either :-/ Sounds like it could be a hosting thing, like something to do with booklikes.

As for giveaway wins, I don't treat them like review copies. I didn't promise anything in return, so I don't feel obligated in the same way. I read them when I read them, and if I enjoy them, I'll leave a review, but I don't rush to read them.
Got My Book 2 years ago
The problem comes when you can't remember your password, and you can't reset it because you don't have access to your email. We'll see what happens.
Sorry to hear about the email and other issue, I hope you have a resolution soon. And continued best wishes to your sister! I generally treat giveaway wins as just when I have time, I don't consider it a review copy per se unless the giveaway seems geared towards that (and they usually don't in my experience). And blogging can make reading less enjoyable I guess, just in the sense that there is more pressure to read and review at a consistent clip, rather than just purely recreational.
Got My Book 2 years ago
Thanks. I am still trying to figure out what to do with giveaways. I now have several and need to decide where to slot them in.
Urgh. I'm so sorry to hear about the email issues. That's really terrible! Also the blog issues - not good! Did you ever decide if you were going to move away from book likes?

If I win anything on Giveaway I treat it like a book that I bought and read it when I have the time unless it's kind of geared like an ARC. But I figure if you're winning it there's really no obligations.

With regards to blogging I actually love all the interactions and extra things I get to do as a blogger and being exposed to lots of books I may not have actually looked at if I wasn't blogging, so for that, I would lean towards it making reading MORE enjoyable. But then there's the added sense of responsibility that comes with it. There's always two sides to a coin. :)

I hope you have a better week this week. So glad to hear your sister is doing better.
Got My Book 2 years ago
I am still planning to migrate the blog next year, although I haven't worked out all the details. I will be reducing my posting schedule at the beginning of the year to give me time to get a handle on what I want to do.

Blogging has definitely introduced me to some books I might not have found otherwise, so that is good.