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I've been stressing myself out too trying to figure out the changes I wanna make and how I'm going to accomplish everything before the new year starts. But I guess maybe we shouldn't worry so much since it doesn't have to be the new year to make changes, we can always make them throughout the year too :-) Have a great week!
I hope that by reducing your load you will manage to accomplish everything early on in the year! Migrating your site will be huge and although I wouldn't wish it on you I'm actually quite excited to follow you on a different platform.
There are changes I need to get to as well. Just small updates, but they take time to get done. I've cut my posting down because I have so many things going on in life as well as with books. But it happens. One day I might get back to posting daily. But... we'll see. ;)

Hope you have a great week!