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Yeah, I saw that. Blaaaah.
nospin 7 years ago
Anne Rice, jihadist author of scamphlets
Oh, FFS. That comment doesn't even make sense.

'The bullies are demanding five star reviews and when not receiving them giving bad no-star reviews to the other writer'.

So we're demanding five-star reviews on what? Our comments? Our profile pictures? Or our books? That we haven't written?

And, nooooo, not the dreaded no star review! *gasp*

And Anne *agrees* with her. Like it makes any kind of sense.

I'm sorry, but Anne Rice is a freakin idiot. I can't even see her as malicious, or conniving or anything else, at this point.

She's just too damn stupid.
Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago

Your comment made me laugh so much. I truly love seeing Anne agree with a comment that makes no sense. It's so Anne!
nospin 7 years ago
It worked promoting her last book so she is trying again before her new erotica book comes out.
No imagination.
I'm glad it made you laugh, poppet. And I think that's the best way to deal with her crazy. I just can't take her seriously anymore. It's too ridiculous.

And, nospin, it did, didn't it? I can't read the posts by her fans. They're like really dumb robots. Or something.

It always makes me think of that hero archetype thing. Where people refuse to see anything, no matter how blatant or obvious, that interferes with their view of someone/something. I read a really interesting article about once but I haven't been able to find it since.
It's okay. I love the dumb robots, too, even if I don't like dumb posters :P
isanythingopen 7 years ago
How much you wanna bet she just uses excerpts from STGRB.
That site has her pamphlet half written.
Grey Warden 7 years ago
I don't know if she's even aware that they're practically defunct. She just likes putting them out there.