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Well, this will be interesting...
"We have already received very serious threats against us by the gang this Defendant runs once they find out our identities."

Um. What?
Ooops! They forgot to include the proof of those so-called-threats!
I got stuck on that, too. The whole thing was a mess. A funny mess, but a mess nonetheless. ;)
GreyWarden 4 years ago
No doubt they'll be included in that future Tweet.
I would have paid good money just to watch the judges face as he was reading that request. All the thus's and hence's were awesome.
I wish it had been recorded so we could all enjoy that!
IKR? Good times. ;)
If you haven't seen on Twitter #notchilled, someone was able to verify the fax phone number belongs to a mental health facility in Richmond, CA. Pubnt isn't denying it either, very interesting. He is denying being one of Jaid's friends who is in rehab. The person who found it said she used to be a legal secretary and she knew how to trace the number, so it sounds quite valid to me.

And btw, Richmond is one scary little town. A lot of gang violence! I live in the Bay Area and refuse to drive near or around that area for safety reasons.
This is going to get really interesting.
Isn't that interesting. I wish I could say I was surprised. I think it's pretty obvious that it's either someone who knows JB or has a grudge against JL. It just doesn't make any sense otherwise.

But the mental health facility? That's just...well, you know. ;)
Oh, this person is definitely an anti-Jane person -- they were spewing vile about her from day one. They often said they had proof, but it wasn't until that court doc did they point to STGRB as their source. Personally, I believe they are affiliated with them in someways. Just a few days before the troll started its account, the EC twitter account publicly thanked STGRB for their support. EC & STGRB were talking to each other just days before someone who sounds very much like STGRB opened that troll account.
Yeah. I imagine that's the sole reason they don't why to be identified. I have a feeling it's about a lot more than just Jane.

They always rant about karma right? That would be some kick-ass karma right there. ;)
Oh, TN, you clearly don't know how karma works. See, karma is when shitty things happen to people they don't like. Y'know, like when they stalk them.

When shitty things happen to them? It's trolls begging for karma to bite them in the ass...
So Pubnt admits the fax location was correct, denying he is someone named Nick. (Not sure what that is about)
Maybe Nick is someone known to be associated with JB or EC?

Nick is Jaid's (very gay!) best friend. Might be him?
The was the most disturbing FAQ for an author blog I have ever read.
I saw Nick, figured it was him, and then didn't pay attention to anything else!
It's mostly about her personally. Almost all of the FAQ's are apparently about her possibly writing a movie/tv show, date requests, begging her for dates/meetings, her sexual orientation, and her therapy.

Cause that's what most fans want to know about an author they like. O.o

I'm glad I passed!
This is why people believe it is Nick (Nicholas) Grant aka Nicholas Boeving

It was discussed on Twitter end of Dec
Is there anymore news on if they'll have to testify or not?
GreyWarden 4 years ago
Speaking of staying tuned, someone just shared a Twitter exchange between Courtney Milan and Jaid Black about a week ago. Scroll down to Feb 16th.

So, she doesn't care, she just has to let us /all/ know how much she doesn't care?
GreyWarden 4 years ago
I totally buy that. /sarcasm.
Feb 16 tweets have been removed?
All there. You have to scroll down past pages and pages of Feb 12-Feb15 comments though!
GreyWarden 4 years ago
Last info was that the judge acknowledged receipt of the request, which Pubnt somehow interpreted as a victory. Stay tuned.
Pete just posted that Jane filed her opposition to their motion to quash, and based on the completely invalid argument Pubnt tried to make that Jane is a meanie-weanie, her request for subpoena will likely win.
Yay, glad to hear this!
Pssh. Shows how much you know, Karlyn. The meanie-weenie argument never loses. Especially not the Internetz meanie-weenie argument. ;)
Oh, I stand corrected Tina. So then all of the 'you're a vicious troll!' accusations must also be true every single time ! Gosh, the interwebz is a scary place with all these meanie-weanies and vicious trolls running rampant.