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Grey Warden 9 years ago
With all the comments and criticisms they've been getting, THIS is what they choose to work on. Says a lot, don't it?
Linda Hilton 9 years ago
@OB -- That is precisely why I'm spending so much of my energy on Leafmarks. They do have the friends-only review designation, as well as a private designation if you don't want to share with anyone at all. I like all the pretty stuff here at BL, but I don't like the fact that I can't control who sees my stuff. I'm tired of pulling knives out of my back.
Linda Hilton 9 years ago
@OB -- It's really a difference in philosophy. BL is much more geared for socializing, sharing, etc. Being able to customize the blogs and add all the pretty graphics and fonts and so on is great for social media.

It's great that BL has Librarians and I always applaud their dedication to the fine details of a book database, but I have never had the feeling that BL is as focused on the data -- whether the database or the individual users' bookshelves and collections -- as they are on the socializing.

The fact that so many of us post non-book stuff here on BL -- personal events, silly cat videos, all that wonderful fun stuff -- is part of that social media environment. Books are our common interest, but not our only interest.

Leafmarks has much much more focus on the database, even more than GR does/did. It's not perfect and it has its glitches, but the focus is Books. I'm a Librarian there, and I'm still learning about the database. My personal focus has been on getting all of my own books entered, and I do some database clean-up when I can. Like GR, LM doesn't have the colorful stuff of the BL blog model, but it does have private reviews, friends/followers only reviews, and a few other features that I really, really like. Especially that it's not owned by Amazon.

That's why GR is ***never*** going to have private/friends only reviews. They are part of Amazon and they want to sell books. Private reviews don't sell books, because private reviews are usually negative reviews. The Great Purge of 2013 was the start of the not-so-subtle pressure to intimidate reviewers so they wouldn't post negative reviews. That pressure hasn't been eased, and it won't be. It will only be increased, bit by bit by bit.

Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
I'll second everything Linda says about Leafmarks. The control you have is unparalleled by any book site I've been on that has a social aspect.

The database is still newish but a large number of the same goodreads librarians that created their database are also workings on Leafmarks (and unlike goodreads not allowing some third party seller's book description of "new with dust cover" to overwrite human-eye edits like a carefully entered back of book quote plus series info...)
Linda Hilton 9 years ago
Wait! Wait! Don't unfollow me!!

Oh, sorry. I forgot. Ha ha, I'm not on GR!! ;-)
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
The way they did this, they're destroying some long time reader/authir friendships that grew over the course of both using groups and rest of site as readers.

So sad. I can remember years on goodreads where it never occurred to me I'd ever see bba a probms(and still extremely rare so I like my authir friends ... like everyone else many have stopped using goodreads much p, outright left, or had account deleted like Linda).

I know I only use goodreads to stay connected with a few groups and stubborn friends — but it still saddens me to see such blatant "goodreads is niw thbook promoting arm for Amazon where authors can find a rich selection of marketing targets ripe for harvesting"

Okay, I faked the quote. What they really have been persistently saying on feedback threads was that they were dedicated to improving ways for authors to "communicate" to readers. Because that's what "readers overwhelmingly" told goodreads they wanted.

(My head hurts. I'm going back to Leafmarks and editing more series.)