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Spare Ammo 7 years ago
Mean, vicious, delusional, and paranoid, I'm SO HOT for you.
As a hit piece, it's a bit of an epic fail.
What a BITCH! you can quote me if you want. Lol
nospin 7 years ago
And it took 3 weeks to write?!
Idiocy in action
Was it you who had a author send them a nasty letter when you didn't even write anything about the book?
nospin 7 years ago
Yes - just shelved it
Did she ever contact you again?
nospin 7 years ago
No but GoodReads sent me an apology e-mail and said they were contacting her
Well, read the sample, I would say it is for 10-13 year olds. The content though, I would not want either of my girls to read. They are 11 and 13.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
He had a scary amount of underage followers on wattpad and wasn't too careful with them. He uses his followers and friends for his own purposes.
Everything I read from this is things that I have to stay on top of my children to not pick up from other kids. Stereo typing people (the gothic kids did it, and insinuating that all gothic kids smoke grass), calling people unnecessary names (puke-face, or something like that), and I could go on.
I have kindle unlimited and want to make assumptions of my own, but if it continues to read like the beginning, I don't want to waste my time. The cover reminds me of Debbie Macomber, but the sample reads like something my English teacher would have ripped my ass over in seventh grade.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
What are you reading?
Maggie spence, I haven't had time to look at anyone else's work yet.
I already had her sample downloaded since March when you made your post about her and never get around to reading it.
Booklikes keeps omitted parts of my messages today.
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
ACK! You posted her name now she'll probably appear. You haven't missed anything by not reading it.
You want me to delete really quick? Lol
isanythingopen 7 years ago
That's it?
I do like the fuck off card.
I still have a hard time digesting the: Much like his bully friends, John goes pretty far to find material with which to attack people. If you’re an indie author, expect to have people like John Green crawling around your Facebook at all times looking for something to screengrab.

I read some of his posts a d reviews. It is not like he attacks every indie author whose book he reads. How is an author targeting a particular reviewer okay? Bloggers don't ask authors to review their blogs. On the other side, authors do ask bloggers to review their books. Nobody pays to read his blog, people do pay for their books and have the right to have at least an idea of what they are paying for.
And this: ...ostensibly authors themselves—sort of. They are authors in the sense that they try to write a book but never quite complete it, which is also likely why they act as though it is such a trivial and easy process to create a novel yet fail to complete any of their own.

Ostensibly authors themselves? I am confused now. Which is better? Not publishing a book before it's ready, or publishing something that is not ready and calling yourself an author?

I have read self published books from amazon that are a single page describing what a person dropped in the toilet the morning they decided to upload something on amazon. Are they now published authors? If that is the case, look out Amazon, I will publish 365 books a year for the rest of my life.
isanythingopen 7 years ago
It always amazes me how many people don't know the difference between censoring and a boycott.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I guess "ostensibly authors themselves" is replacing the "jealous hater troll" stuff everyone got to making fun of and identifying as likely from a member of that site?

Victim blaming is still a very real, very frequent tactic for bullies like the sociopaths running and popular on that hate site. It's nothing new and quite boring. Unfortunately, it's still continually demeaning of those who have suffered from being bullied (and undermines bully prevention efforts where most of those organizations wig out and take action when that site tries to usurp their seals and logos) when those thwarted, entitled uploaders equate bashing (or just not promoting) an inanimate commercial product with bullying.

Nothing new and uninteresting but also nothing to ignore because of the damage it does to actual bullying issues and to discouraging actual consumer reviews.

Wow, three weeks to come up with that. Gee, and so hard to figure out where most of us are on various sites and blogs (*snort* like those on multiple sites don't often cross post or even have links to their other sites). Like somehow we live so in fear of being "outed" from behind our screen names that that threat stops us or being outed will somehow make us suddenly be "nice" and never write another negative review, like their books and get with the book promotion program...

Three weeks for that -- how *snort* clever.

I almost wish those uploaders still felt their books had a shot at commercial success; they might be less interested in ensuring other indie/self published authors don't get more of a break or better reviews than their own books. Might spend a little less time discouraging (or trying to control) customer product opinions and luring unsuspecting authors to their site by promising to help with attacks and being anti-bully (while justifying their use of exact same objectionable activities as somehow justified...).
Faith in humanity: DESTROYED.