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A Reading Vocation 4 years ago
Am I a bad person for finding this "worst of" post more fun than the "best of" one? Probably. :p LARP seems especially egregious, though, particularly the jocks making fun of the "geeks" for playing video games. While popular folks making fun of the nerdy ones is pretty standard fare, these days video games are so ubiquitous that they don't really belong to a certain "demographic" anymore -- you have serious gamers, casual gamers, gamers who like different types of games, and the total non-gamers. But I think the last group is increasingly small, especially with the younger generation.
Reading Rainstorm 4 years ago
I don't think so, I always find "bad" reviews to be more fun to read myself, even if I don't write them too often myself (mostly due to choosing books I at least kind of like for the most part). LARP was pretty hilariously bad, though- you know its not good when your main characters are so annoying you start to sympathize with the one-dimensional villain characters and wondering what their motivations are! I definitely agree about the ubiquity of video games, or even games in general, making the whole set up feel super out of date.