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Bahaha best clip. Though I cant imagine the glass tasting all that great!
Haha! This is great! My daughter watched this with me last year and absolutely loved it! Now if only my guy had impeccable taste like the rest of us ;)
hippieed perceptions 5 years ago
My husband refuses to even be in the house when I am watching this, lol. The look on his face when he found out that I bought a copy was priceless too. He requested that I only watch it when he is on duty/deployed so there is no chance he will have to suffer through any of it. He's a wee bit dramatic, lol.
That sounds so familiar! Don't they all have a flare for the dramatic?! I complained less through giving birth to my child than he does through having a cold lol. I figure if I have to suffer through every Jason Stathem movie ever made, he can get on board with watching my beloved movies too!